Library – Aberdeenshire

Below are listed the publications which West Lothian Family History Society holds for the county of Aberdeenshire.
1851 Census Index BooksHuntlyParish and Town
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855DonsideStrathdon, Glenbuchat, Towie, Kildrummy, Auchindoir & Kearn, Tyllynessie & Forbes, Alford, Leochel-Cushnie, Tough and Keig
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855Upper DeesideCrathie & Braemar, Glenmuick, Tullich & Glengairn, Logie-Coldstone, Tarland, Coull, Aboyne & Glentanner, Birse, Lumphanan & Kincardine O'Neil
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855Upper DeesideKenmay Parish and its PeoplePart 1 (2 copies)
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855Upper DeesideEpitaphs of Dunbennan Kirkyard, Parish of Huntly
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855Upper DeesideEpitaphs of Kinnoir Kirkyard, Parish of Huntly
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855Upper DeesideEpitaphs of Ruthven Kirkyard
Monumental InscriptionsAberdeenThe Kirkyard of John Knox (Aberdeen)
Monumental InscriptionsAberdeenThe Kirkyard of St.Clement's (Aberdeen)
Monumental InscriptionsAberdourThe Kirkyard of Aberdour
Monumental InscriptionsAboyneThe Kirkyard of Aboyne
Monumental InscriptionsAlfordThe Kirkyard of Alford
Monumental InscriptionsAuchindoirThe Kirkyards of Auchindoir Old and New
Monumental InscriptionsBanchory-DevenickThe Kirkyard of Banchory-Devenick
Monumental InscriptionsBanchory-TernanThe Kirkyard of Banchory-Ternan
Monumental InscriptionsBelhelvieThe Kirkyard of Belhelvie
Monumental InscriptionsBirseThe Kirkyard of Birse
Monumental InscriptionsBourtieThe Kirkyard of Bourtie and Old Meldrum Episcopal Churchyard
Monumental InscriptionsBraemarThe Kirkyard of Braemar
Monumental InscriptionsCairnieThe Kirkyard of Cairnie
Monumental InscriptionsChapel of Garioch & Logie-DurnoThe Kirkyards of Chapel of Garioch & Logie-Durno
Monumental InscriptionsClunyThe Kirkyards of Cluny
Monumental InscriptionsCrathieThe Kirkyards of Crathie
Monumental InscriptionsCrimond with RattrayThe Kirkyard of Crimond with Rattray
Monumental InscriptionsCoull & MigvieThe Kirkyards of Coull & Migvie
Monumental InscriptionsCowie St. Mary of the StormsThe Kirkyard of Cowie St. Mary of the Storms
Monumental InscriptionsCulsalmondThe Kirkyard of Culsalmond
Monumental InscriptionsDalmaikThe Kirkyard of Dalmaik (parish of Drumoak)
Monumental InscriptionsDaviotThe Kirkyard of Daviot
Monumental InscriptionsDouneThe Kirkyard of Doune (parish of Gamrie)
Monumental InscriptionsDrumoakThe New Kirkyard of Drumoak
Monumental InscriptionsDrumbladeThe Kirkyard of Drumblade
Monumental InscriptionsDyceThe Kirkyard of Dyce
Monumental InscriptionsEchtThe Kirkyard of Echt
Monumental InscriptionsEcht NewThe Kirkyard of Echt New
Monumental InscriptionsEllonThe Kirkyard of Ellon
Monumental InscriptionsFetterangusThe Kirkyard of Fetterangus
Monumental InscriptionsForglenThe Kirkyard of Forglen
Monumental InscriptionsFyvieThe Kirkyard of Fyvie
Monumental InscriptionsGartlyThe Kirkyard of Gartly
Monumental InscriptionsGlenmuick, Glentanar & Kirkton of AboyneThe Kirkyards of Glenmuick, Glentanar & Kirkton of Aboyne
Monumental InscriptionsHatton of FintrayThe Kirkyard of Hatton of Fintray
Monumental InscriptionsKeigThe Kirkyards of Keig
Monumental InscriptionsKeithhall & KinkellThe Kirkyard of Keithhall & Kinkell
Monumental InscriptionsKincardine O'NeilThe Kirkyard of Kincardine O'Neil
Monumental InscriptionsKinellarThe Kirkyard of Kinellar
Monumental InscriptionsKing-EdwardThe Kirkyard of King-Edward
Monumental InscriptionsKinneff & CatterlineThe Kirkyards of Kinneff & Catterline (incl St Philip's Episcopal)
Monumental InscriptionsKintoreThe Kirkyard of Kintore
Monumental InscriptionsKirkton of RayneThe Kirkyard of Kirkton of Rayne
Monumental InscriptionsKirkton of SkeneThe Kirkyard of Kirkton of Skene
Monumental InscriptionsLeslieThe Kirkyard of Leslie
Monumental InscriptionsLogie-Mar & ColdstoneThe Kirkyards of Logie-Mar & Coldstone
Monumental InscriptionsLonmayThe Kirkyard of St Combs
Monumental InscriptionsLonmayThe Kirkyard of Lonmay
Monumental InscriptionsLonmayNew Kirkyard
Monumental InscriptionsLower DonsideMinor Burial Grounds of Lower Donside
Monumental InscriptionsMethlickThe Kirkyard of Methlick
Monumental InscriptionsMillbrex & WoodheadThe Kirkyard of Millbrex & Woodhead
Monumental InscriptionsMonymuskThe Kirkyard of Moneymusk
Monumental InscriptionsAberdeenNellfield CemeterySections A,B,C & Index
Monumental InscriptionsNew DeerThe Kirkyard of New Deer
Monumental InscriptionsNewhillsThe Kirkyard of Newhills (3 copies)
Monumental InscriptionsNewmacharThe Kirkyard of Newmachar
Monumental InscriptionsNew PitsligoThe Kirkyard of Pitsligo (Parish of Tyrie)
Monumental InscriptionsOldmeldrumThe Kirkyard of Oldmeldrum
Monumental InscriptionsOyneThe Kirkyard of Oyne
Monumental InscriptionsPeathillThe Kirkyard of Peathill
Monumental InscriptionsPeterculterThe Kirkyard of Peterculter
Monumental InscriptionsPeterculterThe New Cemetery (dating from 1910)
Monumental InscriptionsPortlethenThe Kirkyard of Portlethen (Parish of Banchory-Devenick)
Monumental InscriptionsRathenThe Kirkyard of Rathen
Monumental InscriptionsRhynieThe Kirkyard of Rhynie
Monumental InscriptionsTarlandThe Kirkyard of Tarland
Monumental InscriptionsTarvesThe Kirkyard of Tarves
Monumental InscriptionsToughThe Kirkyard of Tough
Monumental InscriptionsTowieThe Kirkyard of Towie
Monumental InscriptionsTullichThe Kirkyard of Tullich
Monumental InscriptionsTurriffThe Kirkyard of Turriff
Monumental InscriptionsTyrieThe Kirkyard of Tyrie
Monumental InscriptionsUdnyThe Kirkyard of Udny
Monumental InscriptionsPortsoyOld Burial Ground
Monumental InscriptionsPortsoyCemetery (Parish of Fordyce)Parts 1 & 2
Monumental InscriptionsBlairduffyThe Kirkyards of Blairduffy, St John the Evangelist, St Ninian's and the Chapel of Apollinaris compiled by Heather Mitchell and Doreen Florence.
Monumental InscriptionsLumphananThe Kirkyards of Lumphanan
Monumental InscriptionsSt MacharThe Kirkyard of St MacharParts 1-4
Monumental InscriptionsLeochel-CushnieThe Kirkyards of Leochel-Cushnie
Monumental InscriptionsKildrummyThe Kirkyard of Kildrummy