Library – Midlothian

Below are listed the publications which West Lothian Family History Society holds for the county of Midlothian.
1841 Census Index on CDCensus Index and Transcription of all the Midlothian Parishes (excluding the Edinburgh and Leith Parishes)Version 1.1
1851 Census Index on CDMidlothianCensus Index and Transcription of all the Midlothian Parishes (excluding the Edinburgh and Leith Parishes)
1861 Census Index on CDMidlothianCensus Index and Transcription of all the Midlothian Parishes (excluding the Edinburgh and Leith Parishes)
1841 Census Index BooksKirknewton
1841 Census Index BooksMidcalder
1841 Census Index BooksWest Calder
1851 Census Index BooksBorthwick
1851 Census Index BooksCarrington
1851 Census Index BooksCockpen
1851 Census Index BooksColinton
1851 Census Index BooksCorstorphine
1851 Census Index BooksCramond
1851 Census Index BooksCranston
1851 Census Index BooksCrichton
1851 Census Index BooksCurrie
1851 Census Index BooksDalkeith
1851 Census Index BooksDuddingston & Portobello
1851 Census Index BooksEast CalderSee Kirknewton & E Calder
1851 Census Index BooksEdinburghNew TownVol 3 Part 1
1851 Census Index BooksEdinburghNew townVol 3 Part 2
1851 Census Index BooksFala & Soutra
1851 Census Index BooksHumbie
1851 Census Index BooksInveresk
1851 Census Index BooksKirknewton & East Calder2 copies
1851 Census Index BooksLasswade
1851 Census Index BooksMid Calder2 copies
1851 Census Index BooksNewbattle
1851 Census Index BooksNewton
1851 Census Index BooksPenicuik
1851 Census Index BooksPortobello
1851 Census Index BooksRatho
1851 Census Index BooksStow
1851 Census Index BooksTemple
1851 Census Index BooksWest Calder2 copies
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghOld Calton Burial Ground, New Calton Burial GroundVol 1
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghCanongate Churchyard, Holyrood Chapel RoyalVol 2
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghSt John's Episcopal Churchyard, Buccleuch Burial Ground, Jewish Burial Ground, Quaker Burial GroundVol 3
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghGreyfriars Burial GroundVol 4
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghPortobello & Restalrig
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghNorth Leith, New North Leith and South Leith
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855EdinburghThe Dean Cemetery
Monumental InscriptionsEast Preston StreetEast Preston Street Cemetery (opened 1820)
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghNewington Cemetery
Monumental InscriptionsNewbattleOld Churchyard and Church
Monumental InscriptionsOld PentlandOld Pentland Cemetery
Monumental InscriptionsRosewellHawthorndean Cemetery, St Joseph's Hosptial Cemetery (Whitehill House), Includes other parish information as well.
Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855South West MidlothianKirknewton, The Calders and Maconochie
Monumental InscriptionsCarrington Parishand other associated inscriptions, plus Addendum (up to Dec 31, 2000)
Monumental InscriptionsFala & Soutra Parishand other associated inscriptions (up to Dec 31, 2000)
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghComely Bank Cemetery
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghWarriston Cemetery
Scottish War Memorials Project on CDMidlothian & Edinburgh suburbsCivic Memorials
Death Records - BurialsCockpen & Carrington
Death Records - BurialsCorstorphine and CramondCorstorphine 1710-1854 and Cramond 1816-1854
Death Records - BurialsCranston, Crichton, Fala & SoutraCranston 1738-1746 & 1853-1854, Crichton 1679-1818 & 1820-1854, Fala & Soutra 1828-1852.
Death Records - BurialsGlencorse1673-1854
Death Records - BurialsHeriot and Stow
Death Records - BurialsNewbattle1696-1819 and 1838-1854
Death Records - BurialsNewton1730-1805 and 1823-1854
Death Records - BurialsPenicuik1658-1854
Death Records - BurialsTemple and BorthwickTemple 1784-1854 and Borthwick 1697-1815
Parish Registers on CDRestalrig
The Edinburgh Almanac 1817 on CDAn Almanac with a wealth of information giving a glimpse of early 19th Century Britain
Monumental InscriptionsNorth East(Duddingston, Greendykes, Inveresk, Liberton, Newton and Newton Old)
Monumental InscriptionsSouth West(Kirknewton, East Calder, Mid Calder and West Calder)
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghGrange Cemetery
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghBristo Church of Scotland Baptismal Records 1772-1783 and 1837-1854
Baptismal RecordsEdinburghSouth College Street, Relief Church, 1766-1783 by Russell W Cockburn
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghPortobello Cemetery
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghCalton New Burial Ground 1742-2007
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghCalton Old Cemetery 1718-1948
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghCannongate Churchyard 1566-2003
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghColinton (St Cuthbert's) Churchyard 1498-2012
Monumental Inscriptions on CDDalmahoySt Mary's 1825-2010
Monumental Inscriptions on CDRathoChurchyard 1679-2001
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghColinton Cemetery 1881-2012
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghCurrie Kirk & Cemetery 1675-2012
Monumental Inscriptions on CDHawthorndenCemetery 1888-2013
Monumental Inscriptions on CDLasswadeCemeteries 1649-2013
Monumental Inscriptions on CDLoanheadOld Cemetery 1854-2013
Monumental Inscriptions on CDLoanheadNew Cemetery 1957-2014
Monumental Inscriptions on CDRoslinCemeteries 1731-2014
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghLiberton Kirk & Cemetery
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghRosebank Cemetery
1790 CensusEdinburghParish of St Cuthbert's or West Kirk
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghCramond Church 1608-2015
Monumental Inscriptions on CDEdinburghSt Cuthbert's Church 1606-2007
BooksRoslinRoslin Chapel Communion Roll 1829-1842
BooksRoslinRoslin Free Church Communion Roll 1843-1855
BooksRoslinRoslin Free Church Baptisms 1843-1854
BooksEdinburghLothian Road, Edinburgh Baptisms 1828-1855
BooksCranstonCranston Parish Monumental Inscriptions by Recording Angels
BooksRathoWar Memorial and the Men who served and fell, kindly donated by one of our members, Meg Stenhouse