Library – Shetland

Below are listed the publications which West Lothian Family History Society holds for the county of Shetland.
Census Index on CDShetland1785 & 1841
Census Index on CDShetland1851 & 1861
Census Index on CDShetland1871 & 1881
Census Index on CDShetland1891 & 1901
Monumental InscriptionsAithsting Parish9
Monumental InscriptionsBressay2
Monumental InscriptionsBurra4
Monumental InscriptionsCunningsburgh16
Monumental InscriptionsDelting5
Monumental InscriptionsDunrossness (North)14
Monumental InscriptionsDunrossness (South) & Fair Isle13
Monumental InscriptionsLerwick (1)Knab Road, Queen's Lane & Sound18
Monumental InscriptionsLerwick (2)New Cemetery - Lower Section Town Side19
Monumental InscriptionsLerwick (3)New Cemetery - Lower Section Knab Side20
Monumental InscriptionsLerwick (4)New Cemetery - Upper Section Town Side21
Monumental InscriptionsLerwick (5)New Cemetery - Upper Section Knab Side22
Monumental InscriptionsLunnasting10
Monumental InscriptionsNestingNorth & South3
Monumental InscriptionsNorthmavine1
Monumental InscriptionsQuarff & Gulberwick17
Monumental InscriptionsSandness (including Papa Stour)24
Monumental InscriptionsSandsting8
Monumental InscriptionsSandwick15
Monumental InscriptionsTingwall12
Monumental InscriptionsUnst11
Monumental InscriptionsWalls (incl. Vaila & Foula)23
Monumental InscriptionsWhalsay & Skerries6
Monumental InscriptionsWhiteness & Weisdale7
Monumental InscriptionsYell - Mid & South26
Monumental InscriptionsYell (North) & Fetlar25
Monumental InscriptionsShetlandFrom printed sources and early transcriptions27